Pros (such as doctors, asset managers and accountants) do not have the luxury of considering what a perfect world should look

They must get the job done based on standards that are currently acceptable.

These professionals want to engage employees
that are doers.

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Done without asking questions and without creating errors.

There are lots of reasons why professionals prefer to run their own exams rather than trust schools instruction.

Mostly, there's an issue with the way these subjects are taught by
college professors.

University environment promotes considering why things are and the way they should be. There are many professional exams in US like CPA, CMA and USMLE.

Sometimes pupils coming out of Faculties wonder why they need to go through these examinations after spending a lot of countless hours in classrooms with professors and books about exactly the same topics.
Shouldn't they be exempt from appearing in these examinations and be welcomed by professions with jobs?

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